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Construction without a doubt is a very dusty job, leaving a lot of dirt and debris in its way. At Keep Clean Multiservice we understand the importance of finishing the project off right, from the beginning as the frame is being built to final finishing touches of a completed building or home.

Construction cleaning services include:

• Rough Interior Construction Clean Up: This is the first stage of post-construction cleaning. We remove all debris from the worksite. We also scrape and sweep floors for carpet installation, wash windows and dust all surfaces.
• Final Interior Construction Clean Up: This is the last phase of post-construction cleaning. We take care of all final touches before owners and tenants settle in. We vacuum carpets and detail all surfaces and appliances.
• Exterior Construction Clean Up: We've got the labor and tools needed to clean building exteriors and the surrounding areas. We haul away lumber, debris and waste. We also wash, sweep and more.

Other Services we offer:

  • Window cleaning and washing
  • Tile and cement clean-up
  • Striping and waxing floors
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Pressure washing buildings

One-time-cleaning, Move in/out, Construction cleaning

This service is available to real estate agencies, home owners, renovation builders, etc... We offer our service based on the costumer's needs. We do estimate by hour per person or by closed quotation.


We know from our experience that our customers usually find drawbacks or the need for last minute touch-ups which can be done by our trained staff at the same time as the cleaning.

Some of the repairs that might be necessary can be :

Paint touch-ups
Repairing holes in walls or ceilings
Replacing doors and baseboard
Sanding as well as small repairs to caulking

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are ready and available even at a short notice.

All of our customer's needs will be met with the highest level of professionalism and care. We specialize in giving our clients the satisfaction of a turn key experience which reflexes on the quality of the builder.

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Edgar Caro (Manager)
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Keep Clean Multiservice
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phone: +1 613 261 3402

General inquiries: info@kclean.ca

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Keep Clean Multiservice can provide you with an estimate to include in your projected cost to help you stay on budget.


For estimate and requests, please feel free to contact with us, and a member from Keep Clean Multiservice will get back to you shortly.

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